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01 Oct 2020 - 01 Jan 2023


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Booking your space means we're able to track attendance - showing us which events you liked the most so we can offer more of them throughout the year! It also means we know what level of engagement to expect, and ensures we don't overload our virtual platforms.

Prior to the event start-time a web-link to the event platform will be shared with ticket holders. For some events this will be via email, and for others the link will be embedded in your ticket and will update from the home page to the event page nearer the time.

Due to the different nature of the events, we're using several different platforms including Zoom, Remo, Kahoot and Native's system which runs on vimeo.

Its worth giving yourself a 10 minute head-start on joining an event incase you need to register an account!

The vast majority of our events are virtual this year so that they can be facilitated safely. These events will still allow you to connect with other students, and some (like Trashy Tuesdays) can be attended with your housemates or bubble!

If you're unable to afford an event, please get in touch with We'll do everything we can to help students who are facing financial hardship have the same Welcome Week as everyone else.

Beyond the staff members you'll talk to this process will be anonymous.

Any money generated through Welcome Week events goes straight back into the Students' Union. We've tried to facilitate as many free events as possible, but for those events which cost more money to run a booking fee has been added to help cover those costs.

For reference, every penny you spend at the Students' Union, be that for Soceity/Sports membership, at our shop, bar or cafe, goes back into Students' Union services.

The short answer is yes! However in order to make the space safe, we have a one-way entry system, limited socially distanced seating, and our cafe/bar space is now cashless.

The cafe and bar are now both operating out of our first floor space - which is a little different to how returning students might remember things! When socially distanced seating is full, you'll still be able to buy and collect your food and drink for take-away. Unfortunately, until we're able to safely facilitate them, we won't be hosting any big events in our SU spaces.

We respectfully ask that unless you're unable to for health reasons, you wear a mask while in the building until seated in your socially distanced space. We also have a list of behavioural guidelines which we ask you to follow (these are listed on visible signage around the building).

You did! We surveyed 1000 students over the summer, and asked what you wanted to see in Welcome Week 2020. We took your suggestions on the type of events, format, and even ticket prices! 

If there's anything you wanted to see but didn't this year, keep an eye out for the Welcome Week Feedback survey where you can make suggestions for the upcoming academic year, or Welcome Week 2021!

Most of the events have a ticket limit of one per person. This is to make sure people have a fair chance to book their spot, and tickets don't get overbooked and go unused!

If there's an event you really want to attend with a friend, send them the event link when you book your ticket to make sure they get theirs too before they run out!

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